Terms of Service

Terms of Service Clouded Hoster

Posts in this blog are the results of my work, personal thoughts, with sources of personal experience, friends, reading and inspiration from various kinds of media, both print, electronic and web. Sometimes I really cannot mention the source, because the writing time is not as soon as I get the information that causes me to forget, or indeed my mistake. There is no element of intentionality at all. Remind me that there really is my writing that does not mention the source.

This blog is informational and can be accessed by all people and all ages.

If there is an error in the name, place or information, please contact us immediately. Correct our mistakes by including valid evidence about the results of the correction. As much as possible we will improve the content immediately (we will assess the validity and feasibility of your corrections). All of this aims to avoid misleading information. Because, after all, our knowledge is very limited.

You may publish part or all of my writing with or without permission of origin to include an active link to the text.

Anchor Text used must be clear, for example, I take this article from the website https://www.cloudedhoster.com. Or: Source: https://www.cloudedhoster.com. Or with the anchor text “Clouded Hoster”. Don’t just use unclear anchor text like Source.

I provide a comment column, where you can express your opinion, either agree, disagree, or just say hello and as much as possible I will try to answer all comments that enter.

I moderate the comments by reason of avoiding spam and comments that spread any hate or negative sentences that are not in accordance with norms and ethics that are generally accepted in the community or violate applicable laws in Indonesia. You are prohibited from using active links (Naked or with anchor text) in the comment field. If there is, I will remove it with a heavy heart. Comment with keywords, I will enter spam. As information, this comment column is “nofollow”.

If there are comments that have escaped my moderation observation (as much as possible we moderate and rigorously) and cause violations of law or offend any party, I am not responsible and cannot be legally or anything related to your comments. You are responsible for your own comments. We expect you to comment in an adult and reasonable manner. When you write in the comments column, I consider you consciously and without coercion to have read and agreed to these terms of service.

All my writing on this blog is purely informational, not order or promotional purpose (except the advertiser who cooperates officially with me), and I do not get compensation from any party except the official advertiser who works with me.

I expect you to read thoroughly the contents of this service.

If there are further / less clear questions you can ask at Contact.

All updates related to “Term of Service Clouded Hoster “, you can see on this page. Effective 3 days after the last update.

Last updated on Tuesday, February 19, 2019.

Thank you for your attention.