How Many Ideal Keywords in an Article


How Many Ideal Keywords in an Article? – Discussing keyword problems is endless. About how many keywords need to be repeated in one article, what percentage is ideal and there are still many more questions.

At this time, search engines don’t prioritize keyword quantities in an article or content. After all, if you over-enforce the keywords in an article, it usually doesn’t make it easy to read. Instead of making the reader feel at home, it makes them run away.

But according to me personally, keywords in an article remain one of the determinants of search engine rankings. More precisely to identify content, or about what is being discussed.

If indeed keywords are still taken into account, what percentage of the ideal keywords?

According to Yoast SEO, keywords in an article should be used no more than 2.5%. This is not an absolute benchmark, because as we know, there is no definite theory about SEO. The thing that is certain is that when you use keywords too much, you can definitely get a penalty.

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Try using synonyms or supporting words that are still relevant from those keywords. And even then don’t overdo it too, naturally.

In my opinion, personally, the longer Google prioritizes the quality of content rather than imposing SEO writing (including entering keywords). So the author’s job is to write articles as well as possible without having to care about SEO so that Google will rank itself. Remember, the convenience of the reader is the main thing and needs to be prioritized so that visitors feel at home (User Experience).


My conclusion is there is no certainty about what percentage or how many times a keyword is repeated in one content. Just write naturally, but still, enter the keywords that you aim at. Maybe 2-3 times repetition is enough, Google can already identify the topics that we discuss. So, there is no benchmark for what percentage of the ideal keywords.

Never use keywords or keywords that are too excessive (keyword stuffing), it will not affect ranking, or worse the article can get a deindex penalty. If indeed our content forces to use excessive keywords, replace the word with synonyms that have the same meaning. The focus of keywords should not be more than 2.5% (according to Yoast).