The First Page Of Google Without Backlinks


How to Enter the First Page of Google Without Backlinks – Many ask how to be able to perch on the first page of Google. Without backlinks, but only with high-quality content. Can it?

The answer is, of course, you can. With a little secret trick, content can enter the first page. Moreover, we already know that content is king, so make your content like a king.

There are several important things you need to know and you can try if you want to enter the first page of the search engine. As:

Keyword Research

Many underestimate this because it is considered a waste of time. But know, precisely this keyword research is one of the most decisive ways that your article can hang out in the field or not.

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Tips to Easily Check Website Ranking on Google

You can use the Google Keyword Planner to find the number of keyword searches and competition levels. Or you can also use Ubersuggest.

If you already know how many search numbers per month, you can proceed to the next stage.

Some argue “if you write, just write, don’t need to research it! After all, you can be a warrior too! As a result, there are no visitors who stop by!

For this reason, you need to research keywords, at least make sure that the keywords you use are looking for or not.

A good keyword is a lot of searches, but few rivals. Especially if there are only dozens of articles, chances are you are in a high profile.

If you use keywords that are high competition, in addition to many rivals, on average the first page has a lot of good backlinks.

View Search Results on Google

You can see the search results that Google shows on the keywords you mean.

The total location of search results is under the Google search box. These search results usually contain exact keywords and relevant keywords. So sometimes the search results can be up to millions.

Well, if you want to enter the first page without backlinks, you should look for keywords whose search results are below 100,000. Less, better, means fewer competitors.

Check Who Is on the First Page of Google

The next step, you can check who is on the first page of Google. If it is filled by big media or big websites, it’s better to just retreat. My benchmark is usually when there are five big webs on the first page, it’s already heavy. If there are still small blogs, just enter the keyword.

See Content Contents on the First Page

Many articles are available on the first page, but the content is not much different. Well, if you want translators, make content that is different from what is available. Or better / more complete.

You can choose the two options as you wish.

And again, if the writers are still lacking in weight, it is likely that it is rather easy to break through the first page.

Try creating quality content with over 1,500 words that are solid explanations. Look at the results a few weeks or months later!

Maybe that’s all I can share this time about how articles can enter the first page without backlinks and only rely on content.

The conclusion:

Previous keyword research that is low competition. As much as possible, find that the search volume is a lot of competition is minimal.

Then you can see the search results, the fewer the better.

Don’t forget to check who is sitting on the first page, if the rivals of the big webs just back down.

Finally, see the contents of the competitor’s content on the keyword. You can create more complete articles or different articles to be able to enter the first page.