How To Checking Website Down Or Up


Checking Website Down – Checking the website is something that website owners really need to do. In fact, website owners will usually check scheduled times several times a day. Website checking aims to ensure that the website can be accessed smoothly by website visitors. This time Nusablog will discuss several ways that can be done to check the website uptime status using online tools.

Online Website Checking Tools

Following are some online tools that can be used to check website uptime.

This website can do checks and notifications when there are problems with two versions, the paid version, and the free version. The difference between the two versions is that if you use the paid version, you will get notifications if the website is down. So checking doesn’t have to be done often.

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The way to use it is fairly easy because users only need to enter the domain of the website. After that, there will be a display that will show details of the status of the website. There are lots of information about websites starting from location, status, ip, time, and response. The process of checking the website doesn’t take much time.

This second tool is a tool that is very simple and very easy to use. But information about the website displayed is not detailed. The information displayed on this website, only information that the website is up or down.

How to use this website is very easy, the user needs to enter the domain from his website and then click or just me ?. After waiting for a moment’s process. After that information will appear about the status of the website.

Just like, also has two versions, namely the free version and the paid version. This tool will display a number of points that will explain up or down a website if a lot of points show status Ok, then it can be confirmed that the website does not experience downtime.

How to use this tool is also very easy. Users only need to enter the domain of the website, then click Test Now. Wait for the checking process to finish. When it’s finished, there will be various information about the performance of the website.

Such are the online tools that can be used to check website uptime and downtime. Good luck and hopefully useful.