Get to know free panel cyberpanel with open Litespeed Webserver


Maybe not many people know free panel cyberpanel because this panel was only known at the beginning of 2018. The thing that is very different from other Free Panels is that the use of the openlitespeed web server that was previously known cannot be integrated with the web panel. Cyberpanel Litespeed Webserver answered this challenge that what had been considered impossible was in fact still doable. For VPS users, Cyber ​​panel can be an alternative panel that can be relied upon to manage VPS to make it easier to do.

Cyberpanel advantages compared to other Web Panels

When we are going to use a new Panel, the first thing that comes to our mind is “What are the advantages of Cyberpanel over other free panels?”

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The following are some of the advantages of Cyberpanel compared to other Web Panels:


Using Open LiteSpeed Cyberpanel as a webserver in this panel makes it feel light, so your web loading time can be faster. For most users who are not familiar with the command line, then LiteSpeed cyberpanel can be an alternative panel that we recommend the most. Web performance that uses the Default settings of Openlitespeed cyberpanel is slightly below the Nginx vestacp. But because Openlitespeed is compatible with Apache .htaccess, we recommend LiteSpeed cyberpanel for those of you who haven’t been able to move from Apache webserver.

Compatible with Apache .htaccess

As we explained before, that openlitespeed rewrite mode is 90% compatible with Apache Webserver’s .htaccess. just need a little modification, for example, the addition of the sign / after the kettle (^). More about syntax. Htaccess openlitespeed and the difference with apache .htaccess you can read at

Multiple PHP

This feature allows you to be able to switch between PHP versions without having to install – remove. Simply by selecting the desired PHP version, the PHP version will change according to your choice. The MultiPHP menu on free panel cyberpanel is as easy as multi PHP on cPanel.

The appearance of a charming Webmail with rainloop

Different from most Webpanels that use Roundcube, Cyberpanel looks different by using Rainloop Webmail

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Auto SSL

The AutoSSL feature allows you to install Free SSL through a panel. So you don’t need to buy SSL Paid for your blog.

Backup – Restore feature

Cyberpanel has 1 very important and most needed feature which is Backup and Restore. Not all web panels have this feature.

Equipped with Web Based File Manager

free panel cyberpanel is equipped with a Web-based file manager that can be accessed directly through the panel, without having to re-enter your username and password. Display the Cyberpanel file manager as you see below:

Lack of Cyberpanel

After we discuss the strengths, it’s time we discuss the weaknesses or shortcomings of Cyberpanel. What are the shortcomings?

1. DNS Zone

DNS Zone in Cyberpanel is not fully automatic when we add a website. Some records must be added manually including NS Records, one of the most important records.

2. The username on the Web panel is different from the Linux username

The use of a different username between Web panel and Linux may one-day cause problems, for example, if for some reason MySQL is down, the panel will not be accessible because it uses a different username from the Linux username. So this should force root to intervene to fix the problem through the Command line. The use of a different username is similar in the Kloxo-MR Panel.