Digital Ocean Review Cheap Cloud Server


Digital Ocean are a big name in the world of servers, they provide cloud-based infrastructure and it’s good that all use SSD so that the read-write speed is much faster than the hard disk. Especially with the cloud features we can upgrade to a higher package with one click, or if you don’t need to stay downgraded again. Its easy, right?

Digital Ocean itself provides several types of cloud server packages called Droplets, the cheapest of which is $5 per month with 1 CPU Core, 512MB RAM, 20GB SSD, 1 IPv4 and 1 TB of bandwidth per month. But usage is calculated per hour.

So if you need to test something in a short time or test the installation of software on a server with a certain combination of stack then this is the best choice. Instead of buying VPS and paying a month after it’s 27 days unemployed. Personal experience the problem.?? We ends up paying only a few cents if we uses Digital Ocean, as long as we don’t forget to destroy the Droplets.

Here I choose the location of the Singapore server because it is geographically close to Indonesia and the internet connection, so if it is used for a web server then it is better to choose SG. The price is all the same. Optional features also exist such as Private Networking if you want to connect multiple droplets on one network, Backup to back ups automatic data, IPv6 addresses, and more. But not everything is free, hope you pay close attention before adding it.

Well … let’s continue with the benchmark from

It can be seen that bandwidth connectivity is better if accessed from the Asian region and although from America or Europe is still relatively good. Usually if our server in America or Europe is certainly just barely bandwidth when tested to Asia. The SSD speed also feels the difference, reaching 746MB / s! Can be very alleviating if the executable software often performs the process of reading and writing, so the system loads server is not high to block other processes. The swap file can also be used if the amount of RAM is less but is reluctant to upgrade the package.

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Now followed by server Digital Ocean performance tests with UnixBench:

Indeed, only 1 processor is given to us for the cheapest package but from several server providers – still all VPS – this is the highest score. So it can be said to be quite capable of running software that requires intensive processing in a short time. If it is only used for web servers using Apache especially Nginx, it can serve thousands of visitors per day. All I have to do is optimize the settings.

The quality of the Digital Ocean server itself is quite stable, but if there are a lots of droplets in one node sometimes the performance difference is felt. Hockey – hokian if this.

How is the uptim? Even though in the benchmark you can see my droplet is still fresh, but actually I have other droplets that have been living longer, I didn’t test because it entered the production phases so the risk of disrupting the services that are already active in it. Please be advised.

Now the uptake itself is excellent, there are rarely problems. Even if you only have a few minutes. If indeed the effect is fatal, it can be immediately moved to the datacenter or all to other regions.

Finally, how is the quality of the support? It’s quite reliable when we have a problem, but not for help with server settings. Because the system is unmanaged, so we set it all alone. Just have read – read the tutorial on Digital Ocean itself is quite helpful, I myself learned from there too.

Overall Digital Ocean is a cloud server provider that has an easy way to use even for beginners, the price itself is quite affordable and if you have enough, your needs can be easily upgraded to package with higher specifications. Simply recommended.