Tips For Choosing Web Hosting


The proliferation of Web Hosting services, especially in Indonesia, makes prospective customers have to be careful when making choices. The professionalism of a web hosting company really determines the fate of your website. Surely you don’t want to choose anything right? Check out the tips for choosing the following web hosting.

See Previously Customer Support

This is one of the most important factors when you choose the right Web Hosting company for your business needs. Whoever you are, you will always give questions, comments, and even get problems.

Saturated with a Web Hosting company that offers 24-hour Technical Support but their telephone is rarely appointed or only answered by answering? Or even “Live Chat” (Human Click, PHP Live) they are always offline? What is the most worrying thing for a Customer after completing payment? Of course, worry about poor support services by the Web Hosting company!

Before you choose a web hosting company for your website, make sure that all your questions, either through e-mail, telephone, or online chat are always answered in a fairly short time (less than 1 hour). This directly measures the level of service professionals.

Together you don’t need to hesitate anymore. We currently have customer support working in turns within 24 hours to provide the best service for you. All your difficulties will be helped as well as possible regardless of the class of service used.

This is also the one who successfully led us to become one of the best Web Hosting in Indonesia.

Make Sure the Hosting Company You Choose is truly a Professional Company

The company where you buy a Domain Name or Web Hosting Service can be no more than a high school/college student who does domain registration and experiment servers in his bedroom or office just so? What is the continuation of your domain name when you renew your domain name, security your domain name, etc., if the company is not serious or even has closed (does not exist anymore)? Your domain name is at risk of being released to the public and your business cannot operate properly.

Operating in Yogyakarta has been operating since 2002 and handles more than 2000 customers consisting of various types of business institutions, schools, companies and even personal.

One way to check how long the web hosting company you choose is by doing a whois on the domain of the web hosting company.

Whose Domain Do You Own?

So far we have observed that there are still many web hosting companies that are not transparent in providing services. Some of these companies do not provide domains that have been purchased to customers according to their rights. Or maybe the domain is in the name of the customer but the customer is not given the Domain Manager to manage the domain itself.

We always give the domain fully to the customer. We even provide access to the Domain Manager so that customers can manage their own domain.

The right to a domain that is not given to the customer will bring difficulties:

  • If the customer wants to move to the host, the customer cannot make his own transfer because he does not have access to domain settings
  • If the customer wants to transfer his domain to another Registrar, then this cannot be done alone, must be through the old registrar
  • If one day the web hosting company closes, the customer cannot manage the domain anymore. The worst risk is that even the customer will lose his domain because it cannot be extended anymore

Cheap Price? You Should Be Suspicious!

The consequence of delivering excellent service is, of course, a matter of cost. Is a gimmick if there is a slogan of cheap prices but excellent service. strive to remain rational at price. We have offices that operate 24 x 7 with customer service and technical support that are always ready to help you at any time. The consequence is, of course, our operational costs are higher. It’s very different from most web hosting companies that are only run by one or two people and work personally even just as a side job.

Just imagine if you are now interested in a cheap price, but next year or even next month the web hosting company no longer exists. What will happen? You lose your domain, lose web data, and other losses that you will regret, maybe even make you deterred.

Make sure you use hosting services for companies that are truly professional. Contact via telephone, online chat, or e-mail to confirm this.

Does not promise a cheap price. We try rationally in terms of price. We carefully calculate the limits on CPU usage, memory, space, and traffic on our servers so that we can deliver the best service continuously.

All Unlimited = Impossible!

Lots of web hosting offers facilities – all facilities are unlimited. Could it be? Obviously not. Everything that is technical in nature always takes into account the limits of technical capabilities.

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  • Space: obviously not possible, whatever the hard drive is, there is always a quota space limit
  • Traffic: all servers placed in the datacenter have traffic restrictions from the datacenter. In addition, websites with large traffic are sure to use higher CPU resources. So promise – the promise of unlimited traffic is clearly no longer rational!
  • Database: one thing is certain, a large database or a large number of databases will consume CPU resources in very large units. As a consequence, the server will hang or interfere with its performance when using a CPU by the excess customer. As a result, the server will be down and your website will, of course, be a victim

Reseller Hosting Or Not?

One of the most economical ways to start a web hosting business is to become a web hosting reseller because you don’t need to finance your own server. But what are the risks for the customer?

What is clear is that resellers will never be able to easily manage to host accounts because the highest access is only owned by the server owner. As a result, technical requests such as ownership file replacement requests, e-mail troubleshooting, DNS propagation, and many other things cannot be served quickly because they have to wait for the server owner to take action.

Another thing to consider is that the reseller will never know what happened to the server. If the server is down for some reason, the reseller cannot resolve the problem. Again, you have to wait from the web server owner.

Since it was first established, it has owned and managed its own web server. Starting from 1 server until now it reaches 7 servers and will increase according to the number of customers because we will never impose server capacity to guarantee excellent service levels. We manage the servers themselves so that if a problem occurs, it can be resolved quickly without waiting for the other party.

Of course, a professional hosting company will never risk its customers by becoming a reseller of another web hosting.

Hardware, Software, And Internet Connectivity Quality

Professional hosting companies and maintaining their good name will certainly not risk service quality. Therefore hardware and software on the server will, of course, be one of the main concerns in delivering excellent service. Besides that, one thing is certain, the data center that is used is also a truly quality data center with reliable internet backbone connectivity so that the customer’s website will be quickly accessible and stable.

Operates 7 servers with a minimum quality of dual XEON or Opteron hardware, 2 GB of memory, and is placed on the datacenter – the best datacenter so that it guarantees the customer’s access speed and the main is connection stability.

Experienced, Reputable & Reliable To Support Your Business

Offering the best service for your business is supported by good performance, stability, and security of our network. What does this mean for you? Minimal downtime, better productivity and a more minimal sense of concern.

In the tightening business competition, it is very difficult for newly developed Web Hosting companies to find professionals or technicians who are professional and experts in their fields. It is one of the additional benefits for the Customer that their business is handled by a specialist team, each with years of experience in the field, for example in handling Server Security, Domain Security and so on.

Infrastructure is designed by Unix programmers, Perl / PHP, Web Designers, Professional Marketing, and other staff. All staff work & try to provide only the best for our customers.