8 of the Best WordPress Newsletters Today


Best WordPress Newsletters – Rest days only come in a few months, the world of WordPress is expected to undergo a few changes. Even the founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg, could barely hold back his excitement about the upcoming conference on the WordPress API. The next generation of platforms he hopes for a variety of applications and interfaces that you never imagined.

This incident, it is very difficult for site owners, develops, designers, and bloggers to follow the industry trends related to WordPress. That’s why we put together your favorite industry newsletter list. Here we will explain the 8 best WordPress Newsletters:

  1. Whip

One of the most popular WordPress newsletters. If you want to subscribe, this might be the right way.

  1. WPManage

Tactical and practical is the name of the game when it comes to WP Manage. If you want to know WordPress is updating or when there are e-commerce plugins or new extensions, register with WP Manage.

  1. wpMail

one of the classic and most popular newsletters of WordPress, especially for good reasons. Curated wpmail content will come with short descriptions and comments, there may be a group of niche articles that can’t possibly find it.

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  1. Nuts & Bolts by 99 Robots

Despite being a newcomer to e-mail, N & B has several things. First, it focuses on the details of WordPress, such as plugins and techniques used to keep your site safe. Moreover, it can generate opinions from sponsored posts and improve user experience. Second, it has a clean layout so it is easy to scan if there are things that look interesting and relevant, even if only at a glance.

  1. WProsper

WProsper, provided by iThemes, will keep you closed when you visit a plugin or theme. The best WordPress Newsletters also has invitations to webinars and other special opportunities. So, we recommend that you subscribe.

  1. Creative Blog Newsletter

If you are tired of following a new design trend, check out this creative blog newsletter. short weekly e-mails with 3-7 great articulations about the source of the design and opinion pieces.

  1. WP Major

During this time WP Major is one of the good newsletters in best WordPress Newsletters. Their blog has fresh content. You could be the first person to know about the latest plugins in the market. You can reach them to promote the next WP product.

  1. Smashing Newsletters

Your inbox will not be complete before you subscribe to Smashing newsletter. Email them like epic rants, but if you have a lot of time, we guarantee you will study every time. You might find yourself in one very good ebook.