5 Content Marketing Tips For Beginners


Content marketing (content marketing) can be a truly satisfying job. The bad news, it’s not easy. Even for experienced and well-known content marketers, you still have to start from scratch.

However, beginners must also act like professionals. If you just started jumping into content marketing, here are some tips that you can follow. These tips are very important to help you create successful marketing content to attract the audience’s attention properly.

1 Content Is Not Fast Food

Content marketing is complicated. Initially, this might seem easy enough. However, it is much more than just writing articles on email marketing, social media or new technology. Content must be useful and that means it must be based on personal / brand experience or certain data that will increase the reader’s knowledge.

The more you get involved with the facts behind the content, the more content you have to develop. Reading posts about best practices on a particular topic may appeal to beginners, it must be a fact. But what if it is an experienced marketer? Maybe most of them will be disappointed with the content you provide.

Try comparing your content with food types. Everyone likes to go to fancy restaurants, prepare new dishes, and enjoy new flavors. Of course, sometimes you might go to fast food, usually only when you’re very hungry and don’t want to wait too long.

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So, how about fast food with Content Marketing Now, you need to ensure that your audience is treated to quality content, let them find something new and inspire your content. Remember, this is not just about reading and skipping paragraphs, the main context and ideas are very important to underline. Try to surprise the audience with new ideas in each piece of content that you share.

2. Content Not Only For Yourself

Content Marketing This is the most difficult part for beginners. For example, you have brilliant ideas, and your boss accepts the topic, so you spend 3 consecutive nights writing perfect articles. However, only one reading and then finished.

Content must be easily found and understood by the audience. Remember, you are not the only reader. Ask friends/colleagues to check your content, especially grammar and spelling. This will ensure that every sentence written in a good way will help the reader get information through your article.

Don’t get too fixated on the text. Instead, it must be able to serve the audience. Who are we writing for? What are the expectations of the audience? Prepare as many drafts as needed for content.

A professional content marketer is someone who is able to present thoughts and ideas in a very simple way.

3 Share, Talk And Communicate

Content marketing is all about sharing knowledge and inspiration for others. Therefore, before you start motivating your audience, think about how to inspire yourself.

  • When was the last time you took part in a brainstorming session?
  • What is the topic of the last article you read?
  • Do you attend any new webinars?

Try spending 30 minutes a week sharing ideas with your friends. Start with something simple, choose one of the main focuses for an article and share opinions about the thesis presented. Don’t be afraid to say what you think. During the meeting, you will find that you have friends with different points of view about the same article. The same is true with your audience. Brainstorming can give you the inspiration to prepare content and develop it better.

4 Likes Vs Shares

What are the most important factors for content marketers to succeed? Is the number of likes or share content on social media? Obviously, both are important, but which are more interesting?

The answer here is quite clear, but try to think of a special fan page. For example, a friend of yours is a fan of cats and knows everything about cats (offspring, habits, etc.), then he invites you to like his fan page. As a friend, of course, you want to help, no matter if you like cats or not. Within 3 days he can get 2000 likes, amazing! But no matter how interesting the article he made, it only received 2-5 likes per post, not to mention nobody participated in sharing the content.

But building a ‘list’ takes more than just creating a blog, fan page or newsletter, we have to look for people who want to read posts related to cats through advertising promotions, make landing pages responsive to attract people to subscribe or share, or promote them on cat enthusiasts through social media.

No matter how many audiences you get. It is proven to provide benefits with some comments or shares from users that will inspire others to see your content rather than just the number of likes. In addition, be careful when promoting content. Sharing articles on the wrong platform will not give you many followers, instead, the time and energy you spend will be in vain and maybe it will be considered a spammer.

Don’t forget to use the interesting call to action, trigger phrases and words to improve SEO and engagement. This will not only increase statistics but will also increase customer loyalty.

5 Read Twice, Think Three Times

Remember, the quality of content remains number one. As mentioned above, there is nothing worse than spelling or grammar errors. Reading errors are a sign that you don’t really think through content and may not be worth reading, because it’s not worth it.

Some other common mistakes that need to be considered from a content:

  • Does the link work?
  • Can images be loaded correctly?
  • Is the data clear enough to read easily?

This is a simple but very important rule. Make sure you treat your audience well and they will treat the same to you. Reread your text at least 3 times and note some technical aspects and check the grammar, punctuation and correct structure of the content.

From Beginners To Masters

The key to success in content marketing is pro-active and resilient. You must read and examine your own text as much as possible, discipline, be open to accepting suggestions, and stay objective on the purpose of the content you make. Preparing valuable content is a gradual process. Some of the tips above might help you, some may be a little difficult to do at the beginning, but remember that all your time and effort will pay off with your audience’s involvement and loyalty!