5 Best WordPress Page Builder For You

Currently making websites, especially WordPress, is becoming easier. Even because it’s so easy, you don’t need to learn complicated programming languages.
You can choose various themes by customizing the one you want. Or, you can create your dream website using the WordPress page builder. Maybe some of you are confused when listening to the page builder words. Moreover, you are the only one in the world of websites.

What is the WordPress Page Builder Plugin?

This page builder is a plugin that makes it easy for beginners or even website professionals to create websites and organize their websites instantly. The thing that makes this plugin quite helpful is how to use it.
To customize the layout of your website, you don’t need to use coding. You only need to drag and drop items that you want to place on the page. The above said that even for professionals this plugin is quite helpful.
Usually, professionals use premium themes from WordPress. These themes do give you the opportunity to organize your website pages. But you still have to add scripts either HTML or CSS and basic knowledge about programming.
But with the help of this one plugin, you can arrange the layout more easily and simply. Even with this page builder, you can apply different templates on each page. You can also add the price list of your products, portfolios, events, etc. according to your needs.

Benefits of the WordPress Page Builder Plugin

We’ve talked about understanding and what a page builder is. Now we will discuss what are the benefits that can be obtained from this type of plugin other than those that have been mentioned a little above.
1. Faster Website Creation Time
By using this plugin, you don’t need to waste a lot of time designing your website concept. With the features offered by this plugin, you can adjust it more quickly.
2. Easier When Upgrading Content.
This plugin, in addition to making website processing time faster, you can also modify your website as needed. Not really! If in the future you want to change some elements of your website or add and subtract a number of things on the website, you can just go to the editor section. Then just drag and drop and set your website as desired.
3. No Coding
Understanding coding does take time and is not easy. Many people say that understanding coding or programming is complicated. Sebaigan even said that coding was an alien language. The problem is, when you want to edit your website page, you need coding. But that was before there was this plugin. With this page builder, you can manage your website without the need to understand the complex coding.
4. Customize the Likes
This plugin helps you to customize your website design like it. You can choose the right color for your website and so on. For example, you can add a header if in the default theme there is no header. You can also change the layout so that your website becomes captivating.

These are the 5 Most Popular WordPress Page Builder

So what are the usual page builder plugins used in WordPress? Here’s a free 5-page builder that you can get directly on the official WordPress website. The following list:

1. Elementor

If you ask, what plugin builder is the most popular among website activists, the answer is Elementor. Elementor is currently one of the most frequent builder plugins used by many people.
With Elementor, you can create a website on one page. In this plugin, the editor is on the right and the element you need is on the left. You can also see your work directly without going to the preview page.
The developer of this plugin always provides new features. One of them is the library template. In this feature, you can choose many templates available. You can even upload designs that you have made to your website.
Then how about SEO? Is this plugin SEO friendly? The answer is yes! Certainly not without reason Elementor is one of the most used plugins right? This plugin is made with coding that is right for SEO and also has a responsive appearance. In addition, this plugin also has 28 more major widgets to help you create a website. Starting from headings, social media, sidebar, image, and so on.

2. Themify

Just like Elementor, Themify is also a plugin that has many elements ranging from icons, pages, buttons, to widgets that you can use.
The steps are also quite simple. You only need to determine the elements you want to use, then just customize it by changing the font color, font size, and so on. This plugin also has a paid version and a free version. Even so, the free version is still worth using.
In the features of the free version itself, there are many features that you can use. Like the Import and Export features, then the complete module, preview editing, copy paste the module and also the column, and many others.

3. Site Origin plugin

Just like other “page builder” plugins, Site Origin also helps you build ideal websites without coding at all. You can even get an interactive website with the many widgets offered. This plugin also has a history editor feature.
In this feature, you can do a trial by changing the template and returning the previous view without disturbing the content that has been created. Even so, there are some reports that say that this plugin is problematic when used by several people.
But it seems that it doesn’t make Site Origin fail to enter this list. Because surely, the developer has made several improvements that make this plugin even easier for you to build websites.

4. Aqua Page Builder

Everyone who uses this WordPress page builder definitely wants convenience. Well, this Aqua Page builder can be an option. This one plugin has a look like a widget. When you use it, it will still feel comfortable. You don’t even have to spend a lot of time choosing the right element. This plugin has provided Block with 6 main elements for your website.
You can also duplicate it so that the new page of your website is fast. Then plus modifications here and there, you can already get a beautiful new page. Just like Elementor, this plugin also uses a drag and drop system.

5. Unyson plugin

The last plugin that is most often used to build websites is Unyson. In this plugin, you can add modules, create slides, and make backups or restore your website. There are many conveniences offered by this plugin. In addition, this plugin is also free and gives you the option to activate some features as needed. Unyson also provides websites specifically for portfolios or events.
In conclusion, there are lots of WordPress page builder scattered on WordPress. Maybe you are so confused that you want to choose which one. But it is recommended to choose according to your needs.